{Project 365: Week 1}

Thursday, January 1- Happy New Year…excited to spend our first New Years together…it was also Nathaniel’s FIRST time staying up until midnight!
Friday, January 2- seemed like a good night for a romantic comedy and my favorite soup- Zuppa Toscana…YUM!
Saturday, January 3- one word describes this day- ICY- in other words, while it was sleeting and freezing rain outside I was inside with more movies and my Zuppa Toscana šŸ™‚





{Project 365: A Photo for Every Day of the Year}

I’m going to try something new- it’s a new year and while I don’t normally make resolutions, this is something cool, something I WANT to stick to all year long. I want to take a photo each day of the year, something that captures THAT specific day (a special meal, an activity, a travel experience, etc.) Since IĀ probably won’t remember to post every photo every single day, I’m going to do it week by week and we’ll see how it goes. So friends, stay tuned forĀ this beautiful project and maybe it will encourage you to try to capture each day this year- think about the photo journal you’ll have created come December 31, 2015 šŸ™‚

First Things First

To be honest, the thought of starting a blog was daunting- picking a name, what to write about, do I post photos, do I post my daily thoughts, home decorating, new recipes…the possibilities really are endless. But after seeing the amount of blogs started by friends and those I follow on Pinterest it became something I WANTED to get into. I promise it won’t be anything spectacular, the blog I WANTĀ it to be won’t be anything near what it WILLĀ be. But it’s worth a shot, right?

So my first task: coming up with a proper name. Again, endless possibilities. After brainstorming a theme for my blog I decided that choosing one topic would be impossible for someone who has thousands of things worth sharing. So I started thinking of words andĀ things that are important to me and how I could tie those into a name for my blog. Two words that have described this past year of my life have been “Blessed” and “Beautiful.” But how do I make a blog name out of those two words? And would I have other ideasĀ a year from now that I would rather use and then would I want to change my blog name 2 weeks, 1 month, or 6 months from now, regretting what I had named it? This bothered me…mostly because Ā I am THE most indecisive person on the planet and I can never decide on one single thing, whether it comes to my favorite outfit, my favorite song, or my favorite ice cream. But today I told myself that if I don’t do it now, I never will. So here I am, sitting at work, with the words “blessed” and “beautiful” running through my mind. And I thought to myself, why not just name it “Blessed and Beautiful”? DONE…I was not going to spend the next few days thinking about it because I know I’ll change my mind again, and again, and again.

So why “Blessed and Beautiful”? I chose “Blessed” because God has blessed me this past year in more ways than I could ever imagine. Even on the worst of days when I worry about money or getting stuff done I am reminded that it will all be provided in God’s timing and I am at fault for doubting God’s provision. He always has and always will provide. I am blessed with a wonderful and loving husband, a supportive and caring family, an excellent job with great co-workers, an awesome car, a beautiful house…I could write a whole blog post on these things and more. I chose “Beautiful” because life itself is beautiful. Look around and find something that catches your eye- is it the person sitting across from you at the dinner table, is it the green grass and blue sky on a warm summer’s day, is it a child standing in a pile of flour onĀ the kitchen floor with a innocent smile on his/her face, is it the love and support of your family, how about LIFE – whatever you see, isn’t that beautiful?! I have many beautiful things in my life and every day I thank God for each and every one of them.

So there’s my first post- it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a start. Who knows what or when my next post will be. Maybe I’ll post a favorite recipe, a project at home…we’ll see. But until then, find something beautiful in your life, find something that you’ve been blessed with and take a moment to thank God for it. ā¤